Tuesday, January 20, 2009


No, not home at the National Zoo - I just forgot to send the zoo pic when I got back there to get my car and I wanted to put up a post letting anyone following along know that I was done for the day. The drive home was actually quite nice too. There was some traffic, but nothing more than a typical afternoon, not even rush-hour level traffic.

Time to clean up

The clean-up job will not be an easy one from what I've seen. While I followed a "leave it as you left it" policy (repacking wrapping from hand warmers and used tissues in pockets and such) enough others did not so as to create quite the clutter.

There were also a number of overflowed garbage containers that collected a clutter around them.

A View From The Jumbotrons

A few images with the "action" on the Jumbotrons, the "live" Capitol Building shown in the distance, and the crowd all around.

This first photo shows the President-Elect walking through the Capitol Building to the stage.


This next photo shows the crowd around me waving their flags when they saw the Jumbotron cut to a view of another part of the Mall waving their flags.


This next image is from just after President-Elect Obama started to recite the oath.


This final image of the swearing-in ceremony is just after President Obama finished the oath, as his final words came across in the captioning.

Talk about wrapping oneself up in the flag!

Happy Birthday

A mother and daughter celebrating the daughter's 21st birthday asked me to take their picture when I told them I was photoblogging the day.

Huddled Masses, Yearning to be WARM

It was a bit chilly out. This group found one way to collect body heat and avoid the occasional wind.

Have I mentioned the crowd?

7th Street Sea

Looking out from within a virtual sea of people on the National Mall at 7th Street. Many of the people with the red hats are PIC volunteers.


Opening Concert "Rebroadcast"

A little while ago, they began replaying the opening ceremony/concert on the jumbotrons.

The Washington Monument Crowd

Crowds were forming in different pockets early in the day. The Washington Monument was closed and surrounded by a gate of bike racks. A crowd began to form early on the hill to see the show.

(In case you are wondering how it got so much brighter in only a few minutes, it did actually get a bit brighter that quickly but I also used a different camera with a higher ISO setting for this picture.)

If an incident occurs...

An early-morning look across the National Mall.

A close-up on the jumbotron instructions.

Les feet, they have arrived!!

A poor pun on General Pershing perhaps (“Lafayette, je suis arrivĂ©”) but after walking for over three miles, I hope you will allow me this one.

The picture is dark, but then so is the day right now.

A few other people are here too :)

Getting closer...

Dupont Circle

Walking down Connecticut Avenue towards the National Mall. This might be my easiest trip through this traffic circle yet!

I was not alone in my walk. Even at the Zoo I saw a few people ahead of me and when I looked back I saw people coming down Connecticut behind me. Not too many people, but a few. Here at Dupont Circle, there were some people milling about and others were merging onto Connecticut Avenue from some of the other streets.


I parked at the National Zoo (I have a zoo membership, so a good parking deal). The drive down was pretty nice. There was very light traffic on my side of the Beltway (though passing by Greenbelt, I saw quite a backup on the other side as people were heading to that Metro station). Connecticut Avenue was fairly empty, only a few other cars.

Well, my toe-warmers are in my boots. Time to double-up the gloves, get on the earmuffs, scarf, and hat. The red-line was reported as being at "crush" capacity already, so back to the walking plan - it's actually a fairly nice morning considering the time of year.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photoblogger credentials pickup

My credential pickup started with a bit of a rush - there was a crowd of people dressed similarly to me (business attire with black overcoats) waiting to enter the Convention Center so I stood there until they opened the doors - then I saw signs pointing to the right for ticket and credential pickup and the crowd moved in that direction so I followed them to where they lined up at a door - a gentleman then said hello to me and asked who I was with - when I told him he then introduced himself as being with the secret service and told me this was a group attending a briefing, not the media credential pickup line. Oops.

He politely pointed me in the correct direction.

A few minutes later I had my credential and media guide.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Signing-in for volunteer training. (EDIT: The volunteer manual they handed out a little while after this basically says they don't want us blogging about PIC things - I'll have to read it again and then try to find someone to ask specific questions to get a better handle on their policy.)

G thru Grey

Waiting in line to sign in for volunteer training with the PIC...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hay-Adams Hotel

While walking back to my car, a few streets were closed off and I found myself at a VERY secured hotel...

I guess that's the President's stand-in coming by...

It was difficult to tell where in the parade group the stand-in for President-elect Obama was, but when I saw this Marine come to attention and salute, I figured that the black Suburban passing by must have the stand-in inside. I wonder if the real man will walk the route or ride for the real parade.

Preparing for the President

DC police prepare to lead the portion of the parade rehearsal with the stand-ins for President and Vice President past Freedom Plaza.

From Freedom Plaza

Taken from Freedom Plaza at 13th Street and E Street/Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC while waiting for the parade rehearsal to begin. This is the location where media were told to come to photograph and video the rehearsal.


While walking from the Capitol Building to the parade route location I saw a worker putting up the day's papers at the Newseum and thought I'd grab a quick shot.

Swearing-In Rehearsal

There were not many people observing the first rehearsal of the morning. The rehearsal was clearly not "for timing" in any way since they didn't play recordings of the musical acts or attempt to have stand-in speeches or prayers (unless the benediction is really going to be "Let us pray. Amen.")

Another shot of the West Front of the Capitol Building, taken a little earlier.

Washington Monument at Night

This doesn't have anything to do with the inauguration other than I was passing by the Washington Monument on the way to the swearing-in rehearsal and felt compelled to capture an image.


Everyone remember where we parked...